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Best 10 inch tablets reviews

Best 10 inch tablets reviews


Top rated tablets with 10 inch screen in 2014


If you are among the thousands of Americans trying to find an advanced tablet, designed to become a reliable multimedia assistant then you should get informed. Now, you should read a few of the latest best tablets reviews and determine for yourself which product deserves your utmost attention. With an advanced tablet, designed to deliver a heightened media experience you will never get bored, no matter where you are.


Samsung Galaxy Tab


Best 10 inch tablets reviewsToday, Samsung fans are growing in numbers, due to the positive reviews and continuous feedback. So, most of the best 10 inch tablets reviews underline the efficiency of Samsung Galaxy Tab, a very popular device among American teenagers. The model runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system and is powered by a reliable 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Z2560 processor. It has a roomy 16 GB Flash memory and 1 GB RAM memory which is more than enough to store movies, TV shows and other files. Furthermore the tablet is completed by two cameras of 3MP rear-facing and a reliable 1.3 MP front-facing one, ideal for video calling or streaming.

“Investing in this tablet was a very good idea from my part, because it is absolutely awsome. The things I can do with it are limitless and I also like to point out that the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean software is something special. This is a top tablet without a doubt in my mind.” Chirs Woodgate

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Contixo LR102 tablet


Top rated tablets with 10 inch screen in 2014The selection process becomes easier once you go through some of the latest best 10 inch tablets reviews, which can provide reliable information on the functionality of the top models. Today, more and more people use with trust Contixo LR102 tablet, a product designed to maintain a high level of entertainment. It runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system which makes it very easy to go from program to program. The tablet comes with stylus pen and stand in order to enhance the general entertainment levels. This electronic device includes 1.6 Ghz Dual-Core processor for fluid functionality any time you want.

“While other people go for much more expensive tablets paying just for the brand, I bought this one from Contixo, which has the same features as its well known rivals, but coming at a much more cheaper price. Take a look at its list of capabilities and decide for yourself if you want to spend a couple of hundred of dollars more.” Billy James

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Asus Vivotab ME400C-C2-BK  tablet


It is important to have in your hands a professional tablet, designed with carefully selected components. So, choose some of the latest top rated tablets reviews and comprehend more about a great product: Asus Vivotab ME400C-C2-BK. This advance product delivers all the high tech features of a personal computer with the portability of a smaller device. It measures 0.4 inches and weighs 1.3 pounds, letting you connect with ease with what the internet has to offer. The model has a 10.1 inch WXGA IPS panel and 178 degree ultra-wide angle where you can see movies and anything you want in high definition.

“The 10 inch screen really portrays everything so bright and with such vivid colors that I couldn’t just pass the opportunity and no buy it. For a tablet of this size it is very light, so it is extemely comfortable for me to take it with me anywhere I go.” Sandra Cunningham

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Asus ME301T-A1-BL tablet


Which is the coolest tablet from the many available on the market? Well, according to the present top rated tablets reviews it seems that a growing number of people are using with ease Asus ME301T-A1-BL. Equipped with the latest Asus technology patterns, this model weighs only 1.28 pounds and is thin as .39 inches. You can take it with ease anywhere you want. It is available in 3 colours. Smart and very easy to use, this model from Asus delivers a great interaction with all that the internet has to offer. One thing is certain: you won’t get bored or tired of browsing around the latest media features.

“I have bought this tablet from Asus because all its reviews said it was a very durable one. And if it is durable that means it is a top one. I am completely happy with its list of features which keep me entertained during some of my free time.” Mary Patrick

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TabletExpress Dragon Touch R10


Are you searching for a high quality tablet, capable of providing a productive entertainment source irrespective of your location? Well, of course you are since you are searching for more information on R10 model from TabletExpress. The tablet features a powerful 1.6 GHz RK3066 Dual-Core Mobile processor and also 1 GB RAM which gives you the possibility to run applications without problems. The model incorporates Google Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, which is easy to manage. Furthermore the device includes dual cameras and Wi-Fi system for viable connection to the internet. Use without reservations a professional tablet, designed with attention to capture the imagination of thousands.

“For a tablet that has a touchscreen of 10 inches wide, it is really something to cost so less. I didn’t see too much difference between it and the so called top tablets, except the price. I have it and it works fine for me, I couldn’t ask for more from it.” Eddy Walder

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