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Best tablets for kids reviews

Best tablets for kids reviews


Most popular tablets for kids in 2014


Out of the current technological developments regarding powerful multimedia devices, tablets seem to become a great addition to any person. Parents have observed that more and more children want in their lives a great tablet. Still, how do you determine which model represents the best choice? Well, read some of the latest best tablets reviews and see for yourself which model can help your child stay connected to the internet and reliable sources of fun and entertainment.


Kurio Kids tablet


Best tablets for kids reviews Does your child want a great tablet designed to become a source of fun and joy? Well, if the answer is yes then you should read some of the current best tablets for kids reviews. Today’s technical data show that more and more parents took for this offspring Kurio Kids tablet. The tablet runs on Android 4.0 operating system and features some of the best parental controls and also kid-safe web surfing options. The model has a powerful 3D graphic engine and also a fast processor for games and applications. The device comes with rear and front cameras, integrated microphone and speaks to other people with ease.

“I today`s world kids play with totally different stuff than back in my day and this is why I had to get my son the Kurio Kids tablet. It is a great 1st tablet which even can show 3D pictures. My son seems to enjoy himself with it so it must mean it is a great gift.” Chris Ashton

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Ematic FunTab tablet


Most popular tablets for kids in 2014Every American family is accustomed to the latest technological innovations, linked to the internet. Finding a great tablet for your child is important, especially if he or she wants one. The present best tablets for kids reviews underline the efficiency of Ematic FunTab model, designed with the multi-awarded Zoodies Kid Mode. The tablet comes with a kid-friendly interface that adapts to the child’s age. The mode delivers that right progress for parents and keeps the little one safe from online threats. It includes interactive books, top applications for children, art studio and also video mails, suited to the little one’s growth spree.

“This is what my daughter wanted from her birthday and it was precisely what she got. I took a quick look at its features and they seem very fun for a little girl. She likes the easy to learn connectivity features and the apps for her age.” Jennifer Wilson

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Zeepad pink tablet


Today, every parent wants the very best of the present technical world for their children. This is where Zeepad tablet can lend a helping hand, delivering hours of fun and excitement with each minute spent on it. The model runs on Android operating system and includes 0.3 MP single camera on the front side. It has a solid boxchip A20 capacitive touch screen which the child can use with no problems whatsoever. It supports Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Netflix and Skype. One thing on top of another, your son or daughter won’t be disappointed by the tablet’s take on multimedia pleasure.

“I chose this tablet so that it becomes my daughter`s 1st, so she gets introduced to this kind of techonology in the right way. She can log on Facebook with it, she can Skype or even watch movies. She told me it was the perfect gift meaning this is a great entry-level tablet.” Rebecca Brown

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Vivitar XO-780 tablet


Most of the present top rated tablets reviews, drafted by satisfied users and even parents, underline the efficiency of Vivitar XO-780. Why should you choose this tablet for your child? Well, the reasons are many: full android operating system, high resolution screen, powerful dual-core processor and a keen internet connection. The tablet has parental controls that permit you to track various learning styles and visitor trends. You should know that the tablet’s functions come in Spanish and also English. Furthermore this particular tablet comes with a brilliant educational curriculum, coming from the top names in education and child development.

“Even I as a grown up liked this tablet’s Hello Kitty design and you can’t imagine the excited and surprised look on my little girl`s face when she got it out of the box. She has loads of fun with the apps and this makes me happy as a parent as well.” Christina Patricks

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LeapFrog 32610 tablet


Every day your child is connected to the world’s current technical developments and he wants to understand better all that he is receiving. Which tablet should you choose for the little one? Well, today, you have the possibility to opt for LeapFrog 32610 tablet, designed to provide a heightened multimedia experience. This particular model from LeapFrog received high marks from the present top rated tablets reviews. The model comes with 5 carefully selected ingredients that include: Cartoon director app, Pet Pad, Art Studio, Learning Songs and an application of your choosing. Sounds pretty exciting, no?

“This tablet for childeren is extremely educational for my little boy and because he is having so much fun with it and also learning at the same time I must recommend it to other parents. It has great cartoon apps and many different songs as well for him.” Kim Cooper

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