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Best Tablets Expert Ratings

Top ten tablets reviews

Top ten tablets reviews


Most popular tablets in 2014


Tablets represent for millions of people a reliable source of entertainment and way to understand how the world works. So, how to you distinguish the best tablets from the ones that will waste time and money. It’s pretty simple: you have to read some of the current best tablets reviews and determine the right model suited to your daily technical needs. With a great tablet you will be able to enjoy countless hours of media fun no matter where you are.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3


Top ten tablets reviews Out of the many tablets currently available on the market, the ones developed by Samsung occupy a top spot in the charts. Today, looking at the current top ten tablets reviews it seems that more and more people use with confidence Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet. The model runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system which is powered by an impressive and quite powerful 1.5 GHz Dual-Core processor. The tablet comes with 16 GB flash memory and 1.5 GB RAM memory where you can store with ease movies, TV shows and other files important to you with no restrictions of any kind.

“Everyone told me if I want the best tablet than I should go for the Samsung Tab 3. That is what I did exactly  and now I truly understand why it is held in such high regard. All the best features available are incorporated into one tablet.” – Mike Richardson

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Kindle Fire HD


Most popular tablets in 2014Most of the present best tablets reviews underline the efficiency of Kindle tablets, designed to maintain a high level of entertainment with no reservations whatsoever. Today, you have the possibility to use Kindle Fire HD tablet, with 8.9 inch display where you’ll see movies, documentaries, music videos or games developments in high definition. The model delivers rich color and deep contrast, accompanied with Colby audio and dual stereo speakers. This tablet gives you the possibility to choose from the most popular applications currently available on the market such as Pandora, Pinterest, Cut the Rope, Netflix, Minecraft and many more.

“Having this tablet for some time now has been quite the positive expericence and based on its reliable traits I recommend it for other potetial buyers. The touchscreen shows the best HD picture and also the sound is of a very high qualty.” – Walter Coleman

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Asus MeMo ME172V-A1


Before you start looking for a high quality tablet, you need to consult some of the latest top ten tablets reviews. In the present,there are thousands of people that have in their home Asus MeMo ME172V-A1 tablet, designed to offer a solid source of entertainment. This model comes with a rich multimedia set of options, which keeps you connected to fun. It has a 10 point multi-touch display, created to fit with ease a person’s hand. It is available in 3 vibrant colours for pink, gray and white. The tablet has 16 GB internal memory which can accommodate anything you want to store.

“This ASUS tablet is what I chose for myself after I read reviews on it. I liked the design which was slim and elegant, the internal memory was sufficient to me, although I put an SD memory card as well for that little bit of extra space. All in all I find it to be extremely reliable and fun to have.” – Chris Smith

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Asus Nexus 7


Everyone knows that Asus has created high performing tablets, capable of helping people enjoy movies, play games or listen to music with ease. To this end, seeing most of the latest best tablets reviews give such positive feedback to Asus Nexus 7 comes as no surprise. You will be able to enjoy 8 hours of high definition video playback, 10 hours of e-reading and 10 hours of continuous web browsing which is pretty impressive to say the least. It runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, featuring the world’s first Quad-Core tablet. The model offers 9.5 hours of continuous play.

“I am not the type to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a tablet, so after careful consideration I bought the Asus Nexus 7, which for me has the right kind of apps and features. I was particularly impressed with the excellent battery life.” – Ben White

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Apple IPad


When it comes to quality tablets on brand is known all over the world for superb work in delivering great models. Still, which tablet from Apple should you choose in order to ensure a great multimedia experience? Today, more and more people are using with confidence Apple MD510LL, a special tablet that comes equipped with 9.7 Retina display that can maintain an impressive 2048 x 1536 resolution. This model works on Apple iOS6 operating system which is enforced by Dual-Core A6X chip with solid Quad-Core graphics. You will be able to take photos and record in a HD 1080p video resolution due to the presence of 5 MP iSight camera.

“I don’t have to say anything about the iPads popularity, because it is over the roof. But this was the main reason why I decided to have one for myself. The display shows some excellent quality pictures and I love its reliable camera which can even record HD videos. Imagine the quality of my Skype sessions.” – Michael Jones

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